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Naebody's innocent

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Naebody's Innocent
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A Comm for the fans of the BBC drama 'Blackpool'
A comm dedicated to the Love Of the BBC drama Blackpool.

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Banner by doctor_banana

Our mood theme was made by jsie_icons

Our Shiny banner and matching Icon where made by romana_dante.

I googled for the the Background image and found it here.

The primary purpose of this comm is to discuss all aspects of the wonderful 6-part musical/drama/crime show.

Secondary to that, this is a place to gather and share any Blackpool inspired art, including but not limited to:
Fanfiction: Any rating any pairing (except incest), gen, het or slash. Please use the following posting format:
Word count:

Icons (no more than three outside of a cut please)
Banners/colourbars (only one outside of a cut please)
Hand-drawn/painted work
Manips (one or two thumbnails are OK outside of a cut, but all large images tucked away please.)
Fan vids
Please place any and all NSFW pieces behind a cut with appropriate warnings.

Our third purpose is to rip the shit out of Viva Laughlin

All the normal comm rules of courtesy to each other, no flames or insults.

This comm assumes you have seen the entire series, NOTHING is a spoiler.

This comm assumes you have a copy of the series DO NOT request a DL, It will be deleted.

I personally was not a fan of Viva Blackpool, the BBC Spinoff feature, not the BBC America broadcast title, but discussion of this is allowed and again, not considered spoilery.

No attacking the actors, although I have said that ribbing of Viva Laughlin is allowed, encouraged even, personal attacks on any of the people involved with it will NOT be allowed and will be deleted when seen.

Discussion of any of the actors featured in the show is allowed as is heads-up on any upcoming projects they may have, but can we please keep The Doctor Who chat to a minimum as there are dozens, if not hundreds of other dedicated DW comms.

Gossip about any of the actors private lives is not allowed.

I hope these rules don't come across as to heavy handed, as the main aim of this comm is fun and open discussion, but I have been in many a comm where the rules where not clear and chaos and wank has happened.

That's pretty much it, all feedback is welcome.

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